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“Always Comforting Because We Care”


As we enter the 21st century some of the valued level of services and traditions changed, we, as a company wish to maintain our service at a cost that are acceptable and reasonable, yet we will not compromise the service qualities to our clients.


Serenity Casket & Funerals is a local family run funeral company. Our experienced Funeral Directors and staffs will ensure that they will listen, understand the needs of the bereaved families and get the highest level of personal care.

We aim to serve with dignity, sympathy and compassion during these troubled times and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.

With on of the primary role of a caregiver to the bereaved, funeral directors have a significant role to play in assisting family members to create meaning in their loss and rebuild life that has been shattered by death.


  • Memorial Setup & Tribute Arrangement
  • Mercedes Premier Limo Hearse – Chelsea by Serenity
  • Casket
  • Service Team’s hospitality
  • Flower
  • Repatriation with Serenity
  • Embalming
  • Post Funeral Services


  • Solemn Tribute
  • Peaceful Symphony
  • Safe with Angels
  • Comforting Solace
  • Pillar of Strength
  • Southern Cross
  • For more information, refer to the image gallery, or contact us.


Serenity Casket & Funerals’ first Mercedes Premier Limo Hearse, Chelsea by Serenity, arrived in August 2014.

With an appearance that’s both elegant and distinctly contemporary, it present an exclusive service, making it perfect for a memorial last journey of the funeral with dignity.


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5 Reviews

  1. Evangeline tan
    Evangeline tan

    This is one of the most professional funeral directors that i have encountered so far. They provide excellence attention and great services. I am truly impressed with how things are run and how quick and easy that things are completed. It makes us as family members, have less things to take care since they have done most of the things. Really thankful for their support and the services that they have rendered. Indeed they have shown to be one that is trustworthy and a dependable company that makes everyone of my family member at ease. Once again thank you for the whole team support. Without all of you we wouldn’t have such a smooth process of things! Keep up the good job.

    February 17, 2016 at 10:48 pm Reply
  2. Delane Lim
    Delane Lim

    If there is 6 stars rating, i will give Serenity Casket & Funeral this deserved rating. They have done both my grandparents funeral professionally and with reasonable pricing. They take care of the needs of my relative requests and ensure they are always contactable whenever needed. Their service is really efficient and many of their staff came to serve the food and drinks. I am thankful to have get them to do the funeral services. Without them, we will definitely be in the loss and many other funeral providers will take advantage of the situation and quote us things that are not necessary. Serenity Casket & Funerals is an honest casket service provider and a group of innovative funeral directors who will ensure an honourable send off for the deceased. No one complained about the concept and the arrangement of the funeral. I strongly recommend their service if you need to use them. Of course, having good health is the best. Thank you Serenity Casket & Funerals for making it simple and memorable together with beautiful memories. Professional, precise and compassion.

    Affordability: 100%
    Concepts: 110%
    Efficiency: 100%
    Client Mgt: 120%
    Resources: 100%

    Beyond 100%!

    February 19, 2016 at 8:19 pm Reply
  3. Kevin G
    Kevin G

    This dynamic youthful caring and understanding team of undertaker is a well balanced management to meet a wholesome needs to any basic funeral plans. My family and extended family has commented and noticed this Serenity brand stands out from other competitors straight on to basic services and packages attratively and affordably. I guess my family is not well to do nor well off to dearly accept their comprehensive and detailed meticulous handson response to any requests on hand during the wake period. Honestly they meet the expectation and needs at any point when we need something more or a simple enquiry, they are professional enough to solve your doubts. They are not cocky nor proud nor in anyway paticular ignoring your wants at any one point. . If not all their staff and subcontractors are kind and courteous to assist you if help is required.i am impressed and humbled by their attitude. Perhaps they even could calm things and not rush things even when funeral wraps up and easing into the payment issues. I must say they are a recommended lot and deserved attention to serve your funeral needs . No problems and a peace of mind indeed!

    March 7, 2016 at 7:52 am Reply
  4. Anita Rachel Gomez
    Anita Rachel Gomez

    Serenity Casket handled my father’s funeral very professionally. Their services went beyond what my Mum and I expected. They took care of every single detail so that we did not have to worry about it. My relatives and friends that came by were very impressed by their efficiency and with their level of caring and compassion compared to other undertakers. Those who have been to other funerals commented that Serenity Casket is very professional in the way they handled my father’s funeral, and now they are also keen to use Serenity Casket. The photo montage they provided brought back fond memories of him and added a personal touch to the wake. After the funeral was over, they did not rush me with the payment; which surprised me because I’ve heard of how some undertakers collect payment immediately after everything is done. I found Serenity Casket to be very affordable and hope they will continue to provide excellent service. Thank you very much for giving my father a beautiful farewell.

    March 17, 2016 at 11:47 am Reply
  5. Gabriel Laurent
    Gabriel Laurent

    Serenity Casket & Funerals provided the best funeral service I’ve ever seen. They were very efficient and professional as well as caring and compassionate. They took care of the arrangements very well and provided us with a completely hassle-free and worry-free experience. The package pricing was reasonable and affordable. The casket layout was beautiful and the embalming was done very well.
    Serenity Casket also asked us to submit softcopies of some photos of the dearly departed. They used these to create a beautiful montage and displayed it on a tv screen that they provided near the casket. This was special because friends and relatives who visited the funeral viewed these photos and recalled fond memories of him when he was alive. These photos were also uploaded onto a lovely online obituary (TheBeautifulMemories) that we could conveniently share on social media so that friends and relatives could view and post their fond farewells.
    We are pleased that the funeral went very smoothly, and the dearly departed had a beautiful and respectful goodbye. We would like to say a special Thank You to funeral director Mr Elson Chong, who responded quickly and efficiently to our queries, doing his utmost best to ensure the funeral went well. When a family is mourning the recent loss of a loved one, it is crucial to have a trustworthy, reliable and compassionate funeral director who is able to handle their needs and guide them through the funeral planning and implementation. We were very impressed and we highly recommend Serenity Casket to anyone who needs an affordable, trustworthy, compassionate and efficient company to handle a funeral.

    March 17, 2016 at 11:47 am Reply

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