AYS Remembrance Hall

providing quiet dignity for the dearly departed

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Our private and comforting halls


AYS Remembrance Hall is one of Singapore’s most private and comforting remembrance halls for family and friends to gather.

AYS Remembrance Hall was designed to provide families with a comfortable and contemporary environment where you can feel at ease to honour your loved one and to grieve in private.

Our parlours are fitted with modern facilities so that you can have a convenient and comforting time with us. Additional ammenities include shower facilities, hot drinks dispenser, complimentary Wi-Fi connection, music player and security service.

We hear your voice

And we listen. When we lose someone we love, having the time and space to grieve in quiet dignity with privacy is something we need.

While the multi-purpose void decks of many HDB homes are used for large social events from wedding to funerals, having the choice to grieve the loss of your loved ones, reconnecting with family members and remembering precious moments in the life of your dearly departed is something that we believe you should have.

With AYS Remembrance Hall, we give you this choice!

We respect your privacy

AYS Remembrance Hall was designed to give you a comfortable and private place for the last moments together with you dearly departed loved ones. You no longer have to suffer empty, uncomfortable and seemingly unfriendly traditional funeral parlours when you choose AYS.

Here at AYS Remembrance Hall, we provide you with a safe, comfortable and contemporary environment where you can feel at ease. We know that such an important event in our lives should be cherished and remembered in an ambience worthy of our dearly departed.

With our tranquil and unique facility at AYS Remembrance Hall, you no longer have to suffer discomfort and unnecessary inconveniences. With the amenities we provide, family and friends can accompany their dearly departed in comfort throughout the wake.

We Serve your needs

Here at AYS Remembrance Hall, we provide you with 24 by 7 security should urgent matters require your attention at the office or home. You can attend to your errands with the peace of mind that your dearly departed will be watched over and protected in your temporary absence.

Other facilities that we provide for your convenience during your vigil at our Remembrance Halls are:

  • Wi-Fi Internet Access to stay connected to work, friends and family
  • Comfortable seating arrangements for family members and their guests
  • Availability of a private room for family members upon request should rest be desired.
  • Clean shower facilities with hot water for you to freshen up when necessary

We cater to most religions

The halls are designed to cater to most religions for your dearly departed.






AYS Remembrance Hall
Co. Reg. No: 200912072M

Tel: +65 6456 8557

Location: Blk 38 Sin Ming Drive, #01-537, Singapore 575712

Caters to all Religion

Convenient Location, Comfortable seating arrangement, Modern Amenities, Shower facilities, Hot beverage dispenser complimentary Wifi