– In Memoriam –
14 May 2016
1958 – 2016

In Loving Memory of
Kelvin Seah Keng Leong

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Left us since 14 May 2016
Always Remembered, Forever Loved


Dearly Missed and Forever Loved by:

Christine Koh Mui Ling

Melvin Seah

Cheryl Seah

Joseph Seah Mok Swee (Deceased)

Mary Lim Yew Khim (Deceased)

Brother & Sister-in-law
Thomas Seah Keng Cheong & Irene Lim

Sisters & Brothers-in-law
Agatha Seah Meng Choo (Deceased) & Bernard Cheong
Bernadette Seah Beng Lan & Philip Lam Poh Tho
Angela Seah Guat Hoon (Deceased) & Jimmy Lee Puay Eng
Seah Guek Hong & Toh Soo Tiong (Deceased)
Esther Seah Bee Lee & David Ow Siew Khui

A Son’s Eulogy

By Melvin Seah, 19 May 2016

All of you here knew my dad. My dad was many things in his life. He was a romantic man. My mum once told me about their dates at McDonald’s. He taught her that fries and an ice cream sundae were a perfect match. And clearly that lesson resonated, because she eventually became his wife.

He was a brother, the youngest of 7 siblings. He cared for them and was there for them. He was a colleague and a boss. Over the past 2 days, I’ve heard stories of him giving some their first jobs, of him being a mentor. I’ve heard how he used to go to the car park outside Pete’s place at the Hyatt for a drink (or probably more precisely drinks) after work. He was the life of the party.

I was and am his only son, and I knew him as a father. A role model. A provider. A rock. I was blessed to have had him love and care for me
over the past 27 years. I want to briefly tell you about this side of him today.

When I was young, my dad told me he was not close to his own father, and because of that he wanted to be close to his children. He told me his dad was very strict, and he wanted to be a more gentle father. He wanted to be the perfect father and hence the sky was the limit for his children. As a result, my sister and I never wanted in our lives. We were fed well, had a comfortable place to call home. We felt loved.

I was a needy kid. At nights when I couldn’t sleep, I would go to his bed, wake him up and tell him “dad I cant sleep”. He would walk me back to my bed. Sit beside me and then pat me (because he knew i found that comforting) till i fell asleep. He would fall asleep seated next to me.

My dad had kept all the letters we had written to him and him to us throughout the years. My mum found them on Saturday. In a letter he wrote to my sister dated June 2004, he said:

Since young, dad has always reminded you and your brother on 3 things that should guide your life (yes you can recite this now)

  1. Power of the mind. be positive always
  2. Do your best, no regrets
  3. Accept the outcome, learn from it and be better

There are many other stories I want to tell you about my dad. How he did the house work, polished my shoes when I didn’t, made my bed. Made me breakfast. But let me just tell you this. I am here today, a healthy 27 year old man, with all the tools to build a life for myself because of him.

Kelvin Seah was my father. He was a great father. I love him and I am proud of the life he led. Today, my heart is broken and there is a gaping hole in my life. But I know he is in God’s hands and God will give him peace.

Before he went for his work trips, my dad would always pull me aside and he would say. When papa is gone, you are the man of the house, take care of the girls.

Kelvin Seah with his kids

Kelvin with Family and friends

Rest in peace now dad.

I will take care of them now.

Kelvin Seah with his Industry friends

A close friend’s Eulogy

By Lucas Peng, 20 May 2016

Kelvin was a fun-loving and perpetual life-of-the-party kinda guy. Whenever he’s around, there would always be fun and laughter. I have known him since my national service days when we were both drafted into School of Section Leaders in SAFTI back in 1978. Our paths crossed again when, coincidentally, we both joined Singapore Airlines as cabin crew at the same time and were in the same training class in 1980.

When we were not flying and enjoying our day-offs, we would meet up for drinks and I would accompany him to meet his then-girlfriend now-wife, Christine. We were in our prime and truly enjoyed life with no holds barred. We went our separate ways again when he left SQ and joined Hyatt Regency.

After a couple of years, I too decided to clip my wings and joined the hospitality industry and where else but the Hyatt where my buddy worked. Kelvin by then was the Assistant Director of Sales and I was assigned to be his Sales Executive to manage the US accounts. He was a great boss who taught me the ropes of being a hotel sales person and our team at that time in the early 80’s at the Hyatt was the best sales team in town. We worked hard and we played hard. The friendship we made from those days are still very much intact till today. We parted yet again when I left to join Shangri-La Singapore and he joined The Oriental Singapore.

In 1990, Kelvin offered me a job with Utell International where he was the Managing Director for Asia Pacific. He posted me to Hong Kong as the Manager for that office and later to Tokyo as General Manager for North Asia.  Again, those were fantastic years with him as the leader of our team and we went through a decade of great times and yet again, he had a long-lasting impact on everyone in Utell all over the world and many still remembers him fondly to this day. Sadly, we parted ways again when he left Utell after the acquisition by Pegasus Solutions.

And now, with a heavy heart, I bid him farewell for the last time and knowing that our paths will never cross again in this lifetime. I have lost a boss, a mentor and a friend. God bless him and I am sure he is having a great time up there in Heaven. I envy God and the Angels for now, they have a life-of-the-party kinda guy in their midst. You will be dearly missed on Earth, Kelvin.

Kelvin Seah with his Industry friends
Kelvin Seah with his Industry friends
Kelvin Seah with his SIA Cabin Crews

Friends of Kelvin

‘ I had the great privilege to work with Kelvin for 5 years during our Utell/Rezsolutions days. I have very fond memories of a man, a colleague, a friend with the highest standards for loyalty, integrity, work ethic, a keen sense of duty to his family and his workplace, and above all, a great sense of always doing the honourable thing. He of course also had a wicked sense of humour, a zest for life, a permanent twinkle in his eye. Rest in Peace my friend, you were taken from your family and friends far too early, but you left a warm and indelible memory.’

-Ben Bengougam

– Final Resting Place –

Kelvin is peacefully rested at

Location and Niche Placement
To be Advised.

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