Mr. Lim Ling What
1935 – 2020
passed away peacefully on
22 June 2020

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Dearly missed and fondly remembered by all loved ones.

– Mr. Lim Ling What 林连发  –
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1935 – 2020

The late Mr. Lim Ling What 林连发 passed away peacefully on 22 June 2020, at the age of 86 years old.

He will always be fondly remembered and dearly missed by family, loved ones and friends.


Koh Tiew 许綢 (已故)

林财成 (已故)
林连水 (已故)
林连财 (已故)
林连兴 (已故)

陈月 (已故)
卓炎瑞 (已故)
陈鹏 (已故)
胡金钻 (已故)



林莲花 (已故)

刘颜庆 (已故)
卓有益 (已故)

林亚华 (Mary)

王炳坤 (已故)

Sons 孝男 
Lim Chwee Cheng 林瑞星
Lim Swee Lay 林瑞来
Lim Swee Kwong Jesson 林瑞光

Daughters-in-law 孝媳
Ong Siew Lian 王秀莲
Ng Mei Ying 吴美英
Wong Sheau Kim Emiline 黄曉金

Daughters 孝女
Lim Ah Chiew 林雅瑞
Lim Swee Tien 林瑞珍
Lim Swee Toh 林瑞桃
Lim Swee Leng 林瑞玲

Sons-in-law 孝婿
Goh Hang Chuah 吴漢泉
Tan Choong Keng 陈骏卿

GodSon 义子
Lim Yong San 林荣山

Goddaughter-in-law 义媳

GrandSons 孙男
Lim Zong Da 林宗达
Ivan Lim Kim Seng 林金圣
Goh Ching Yang 吴境阳
Goh Ching Kang 吴境康
Tan Shi Cong 陈仕聪
Tan Shi Xian 陈仕贤
Tan Shi Cheng 陈仕誠
Teo Ze Xuan 张泽轩

Granddaughters-in-law 孙媳
Alicia Soh Ling Yu 苏玲玉
Goh Chia Hui 吴嘉慧

Granddaughters 孙女
Lim Shi Yi 林诗仪
Lim Shi Li 林诗俪
Lim Shi Jia 林诗佳
Sylvia Lim 林思如
Gina Lim Kai Sin 林凯欣
Teo Wen Qian 张雯倩

Grandsons-in-law 孙女婿
Goh Teck Wei 吴德伟
Chew Jin Feng 周晋锋
Kelvin Leong 梁国彰
Yue Jun Ming 梁国彰

Great GrandChildren 曾孙
Kristen Kan 甘允熙
Goh Jun Le 吴俊乐
Goh Ming Jun 吴明峻
Chew Xu Teng Aiden 周煦腾
Keagan Leong 梁凯杰
Kayen Leong 梁嘉祐
Angela Yue Jing Xuan 余婧瑄
Aeris Yue Jing Ting 余婧廷
Azalea Goh Xue Qi 吴雪琪

– Wake & Funeral Details –

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The late Mr. Lim Ling What 林连发 is resting peacefully at
Blk 141 Petir Road, Singapore 670141.

Funeral Details

The Cortège will leave on Friday, 26 June 2020, 12:40pm from Blk 141 Petir Road.

Cremation will be held at Mandai Crematorium Hall 2, 1:40pm

For more information, kindly contact the family members.


Resting Location

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The Beautiful Memories

– Condolences & Messages –

Heartfelt sympathies offered by Management of Nirvana Memorial

The Management team at Nirvana Memorial Gardens would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the family of the Late Mr. Lim Ling What 林连发.

From Management of
Nirvana Memorial Singapore 富贵山庄

Heartfelt sympathies offered by Ron & Mervyn of The Beautiful Memories to the family

The team at The Beautiful Memories would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the family of the Late Mr. Lim Ling What 林连发.

From Ron & Mervyn,

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