– In Loving Memory –
26 January 2016

Benjamin Lim
06 June 2001 – 26 Jan 2016

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Always Remembered, Forever Loved
By dearest family & friends

Dearly Missed and Forever Loved by:

Elder sister
Second brother
Uncles and Aunties

Benjamin Lim Jun Hui

Benjamin was a sweet, loving son at home, a mild-mannered teenager in school and a well-liked cadet in NPCC. He was hardworking; he worked part-time in McDonalds on weekends and school holidays. He kept part of his salaries for himself, and contributed the rest to his mother for household expenses. He was always looking forward to school camping and outdoor activities. He would use his own pocket money to buy all the necessary items for such excursion, and did his own preparation. He was a thoughtful young man; his untimely passing on January 26, 2016 left friends and family stunned and heartbroken.

It is here that we recognize and remember the life he lived.

A Lovely Son

Ah Hui, no matter how many years go by, no matter how far you’re away from us, we want you to know that you will never be forgotten! You are forever our 心肝宝贝!

Daddy & Mummy

Love from Sister

Benjamin, Jiejie hope you’re happier now… We all miss you a lot. Don’t worry about anything here okay. Always remember, Jiejie love you a lot a lot. You’ll always be living in my heart.

Zhi Qi

Love from bro

Ah Hui, don’t have to worry too much about daddy and mummy, Christina and I will take care of them alright. Please take good care of yourself wherever you are. All of us will always believe in you and love you.


A pillar of strength for his friends

Benjamin was the pillar of strength in his school’s NPCC unit and he was the person to whom everyone looked up when there was any problem that needed to be resolved…


The Beautiful Memories

– Final Resting Place –

Benjamin is peacefully rested at

Mandai Columbarium

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